the team

Welcome to Process Line, manufacturers of coil processing lines and equipment for the metal finishing and lithographic industry.
These are just some of the people within our organisation. Follow the links to email them.


Initially John worked in the telecommunications industry where he qualified as an Electrical Engineer. In 1976 he joined Howson Algraphy as Technical Manager and stayed for 17 years holding various responsibilities including Maintenance Manager, Production Manager, Factory Manager in South Africa and Engineering Vice-President of a subsidiary in the USA. For 4 years, until forming Process Line in 1998 he was a consultant working on project management, industrial engineering, factory flow, maintenance systems and operator training.
John returned to general consultancy in 2001, but still works with Process Line on a project by project basis.


Alan has held various positions in manufacturing industries, initially production engineering, production management and works management where he gained experience in production control systems, material purchasing and control of resources. In 1983 he joined Northern Engineering Industries, which became Rolls Royce Industrial Power Group, as Quality Manager for the manufacture and installation of power generation facilities around the world. In 1993, Alan became an independent consultant assisting SME manufacturing companies in various aspects of business management, including contract negotiations, strategic planning, quality and environmental management, and financial control. Alan became a Director of Process Line in 1998 and is responsible for finance, quotation, and contract management.


Chris, who has a first class honours engineering degree, is a specialist in the design and engineering of special purpose machine tools, having worked in this field over many years of his career. He has been involved with the design of equipment as diverse as turbine systems, automatic handling of components and for the last 10 years aluminium and lithographic process lines. For 3 years Chris was Chief Designer with Walgren Europe designing specialist process lines for clients throughout the world. Chris has an in-depth knowledge of piping systems & design. Chris became a Director of Process Line in 2002 and is responsible mechanical and fluids engineering.


After serving an electrical apprenticeship at Catton & Company, a local steel foundry, Gary joined Crabtree Vickers as an electrical wireman working on control panels for metal decorating presses. He transferred to Crabtree Vickers Installation, working in Fleet Street for newspapers including the Financial Times and the Daily Mail. Gary then went into commercial electrical installations for various companies; he worked on lithographic machinery installation in the USA and joined Walgren Europe designing electrical systems for lithographic process lines. He has worked all over the world installing and commissioning electrical equipment. Gary was responsible for the design and implementation of electrical systems for Process Line, until all of the electrical work was sub-contracted to Optima Control Solutions, one of Process Line's partner organisations in lithographic installations. Gary is now a permanent employee of Optima Control Solutions, but still undertakes the Process Line electrical work.


Ray took a Bachelors degree in chemistry at Liverpool University. On gaining his qualifications he joined Howson Algraphy as a chemist and then quickly was appointed as Quality Manager. He spent a total of 22 years with the company enjoying a progressive career as Production Manager and gaining an extensive knowledge of ISO 9000, TQM, and MRP systems and well as his obvious skills in the process and commissioning of litho plant. Ray is responsible at Process Line for functional design specifications and product commissioning of litho lines.